Product Description

SIDCOPhoxim is an emulsifiable Organophosphoric insecticide used for control of scabies, myiasis, infestations by ticks, lice, bugs. It can also be used to exterminate cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and flies in the farm, Animal Sheds and Poultry.
SIDCOPhoxim is for external veterinary use only.


Phoxim, Emulsifier and Organic Solvent

Appearance: Clear liquid
Colot: Brown to Dark Brown
Odor: Characteristic odor
pH: 3 – 7
Sp Gr @ 28°C: 1.000 – 1.040
Active Material: Phoxim 50% W/V
Boiling Point: Low foam
Flash Point: 45°C
Emulsifiable in hard and soft water: Stable for 2 years from production date
Stability: Stable for 2 years from production date

Spray Treatment:

  • For ticks, lice, flies and maggots (in wounds): Dilute 1 ml of SIDCOPhoxim in 1 Lit. water
  • For Scabies: Dilute 1 ml of SIDCOPhoxim in 1 Lit. Water; repeat the treatment after 7 days. In heavy infestations, the concentration should be doubled ( 2 ml SIDCOPhoxim per Liter water)

Dip Treatment:

  • For sheep mange: Dilute 1 Lit. SIDCOPhoxim in 1000 Lit. of water.
  • To prepare plunge dip solution: Dilute the required amount of SIDCOPhoxim in 10- 20 lit. of water, then add this solution to the dipping tank.
  • Store in its original container in cool and dry place below 30̊oC.
  • Keep away from food and feeding stuff.
  • When handling the concentrated solution, wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • Do not dispose residual product or empty containers in water drainage system.
  • Keep away from the reach of children.
  • Keep away from food and feeding stuff


12 x 1 Liter Aluminum Bottle

Technical Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet