SIDCO Methrin – 10 EC


Product Description

A general pyrethroid ectoparasiticide that acts on external parasites such as flies , ticks , mites , lices , fleas and mosquitoes.
It works by quickly affecting the insect’s central nervous system.


Solvent , Cypermethrin and Emulsifier

For Veterinary field, Dogs, Sheep , Cattle , Poultry and Animal Housing
Recommended Dose

Animals Vermin Dilution/liter of Water Application Method
Cattle, Buffaloes, Buffaloes, Camels Ticks, flies 1.5 ml Dip ,Spray
Sheep and Goat Ticks, Flies, Lice 0.75 ml Dip ,Spray
Poultry , Animal Sheds Ticks, Flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches 5 ml Spray (rate 1 lit./10 m2)
  • For the best results, initial application should be carried out on residue free and dry floor that had been stripped by REMWAX
  • Apply QUICKWAX with a new and clean mop or applicator. Apply in smooth, thin coat, in any excess must be picked up and smoothed out. If second coat is required, wait for 30 – 40 minutes after the first coat depending on temperature and humidity conditions. Second coat must be applied perpendicular to the first coat’s direction. Allow normally eight hours after application before buffing.
Keep in good ventilated area Away from sunlight, cold and high temperature
Avoid contact with skin
Keep out of reach of children


250 x 24 mL


1 x 10 (Plastic Container)Liter


1 x 12 (Aluminum Container)Liter

Technical Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet