Product Description

  • Prime Bleach Powder 16 is a stable, free flowing powder formulated for tropical and subtropical conditions. It eliminates fabric damage from spillages, greatly
  • reducing linen replacement.
  • Prime Bleach Powder 16 contains polyphosphates which provides water softening properties for better results.
  • Prime 16 is mainly used either in automatic feeding equipment including flush feeders or extractor units.


Calcium Hypochlorite

Appearance: Homogeneous, granulated and free flowing powder, free from any impurities with specific chlorine smell
Odor: Chlorine
pH @28°C: 9 – 10
Bulk Density: 1250 g/L
Active Material: 12 – 16%
Solubility Miscible and suspended in water
Foam Low
Flash Point Not applicable
Stability: Stable for 3 years from production date with acceptable chemical degradation if stored properly (see MSDS)
  • This product is soluble with water
  • Use 150 g Prime Bleach 16 for a 50 kgs wash loading, soak for 5 minutes at 50oC
  • Heavily soiled clothes may require more quantity.
  • For White clothes used only

Store the original container in cool and dry place away from food and feeding stuff

  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • Do not mix with acidic chemicals
  • Do not use on silk, wool or nylon
  • Wash hands thoroughly after product usage
  • Do not use emptied containers for storage of any other materials

Dispose according to applicable local, regional and national laws and regulations


1 x 20 KG

Technical Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet