Product Description

Gento Toilet Cleaner removes stains, rusts, organic matters, scales, calcium deposits and kills germs. It also removes discoloration in the bowl and has no abrasive components. It is a good choice as cleaners of lavatories, sinks, toilet bowls, bath tubs, urinals and drinking fountains made of vitreous china or finished with acid-resistant enamel.


Camphor or Pine


Water, Hydrochloric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Non-ionic Surfactant, Fragrance and Color

Appearance Thick, homogenous and clear dark liquid free from any impurities
Color Blue or green
Odor Camphor or pine
ph @ 5% solution 1 – 2
Specific Gravity @ 28°C 1.05 – 1.06
Viscosity @ 28°C 200 – 300 cP
Total Acidity 9 – 12%
Foam Low foam
Flash Point None
Biodegradability Biodegradable
Stability Stable for 3 years from production date
  • Press both sides of the cap and twist to open
  • Apply directly on the surface and leave for 30 minutes to remove tough stains and spots. Brush and rinse with water thoroughly
the original container in cool and dry place away from food and feeding stuff.
  • Corrosive
  • Keep away from the reach of children
  • Do not mix with chlorinated bleach agent
  • Use only on vitreous china or acid resistant enamel


12 x 750 mL

Technical Data Sheet


Safety Data Sheet