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SIDCOPHOXIM 50% Product Description SIDCOPhoxim is an emulsifiable Organophosphoric insecticide used for control of scabies, myiasis, infestations by ticks, lice, bugs. It can also be used to exterminate cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants and flies in the farm, Animal Sheds and Poultry. SIDCOPhoxim is for external veterinary use only. Ingredients Phoxim, [...]

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SIDCO T.D VETERINARY DISINFECTANT Product Description Liquid formulation designed for dipping cow’s teats at each milking to reduce the incidence of new intra-mammary infections (IMI) Non irritation, non-toxic, non-sensitizing Powerful teat disinfectant based on iodine Ingredients Water, Phosphoric Acid, Iodine, AlkylPolyGlucoside, Glycerine and Preservative [...]

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ECTO KILL 500ml VETERINARY PESTICIDE Product Description General pyrethroid insecticide Ectoparasiticide, acts on External parasites such as flies, ticks, mites, lices, fleas and mosquitoes. Method of application Pour-on Works by quickly affecting the insect’s central nervous system. Ingredients Veterinary field Dogs, Sheeps , Cattle , Poultry and Animal Housing [...]

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FORMALDEHYDE 37% Product Description Formaldehyde is one of the most versatile chemicals and other industries to produce a virtually unlimited indispensable products used in daily life such as: amino resins and adhesives, phenolic resins, acetylic chemical, polyacetal resins, trimethylene diphenyl isocyanate (MDI), pentaerytriol, HMTA, para-formaldehyde, chelating agents, Tri-Methylol Ethane [...]

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SIODINE SPRAY VETERINARY DISINFECTANT Product Description SIODINE Iodine Spray is a ready to use disinfectant for the treatment and prevention of skin infections caused by bacteria and fungi in camel, horses, cattle, sheep, goats and dogs. SIODINE Iodine Spray is highly effective against ringworms, cuts, abrasions, disinfection of navel, castration and [...]

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SIDCO 50 INDUSTRIAL PRODUCT Product Description SIDCO 50 is designed to dissolve strong fats, proteins, oils and polysaccharide compounds specially starch Ingredients Water and Caustic Soda Appearance: Clear,  homogeneous  liquid,  free  from  any impurities and suspended matter [...]

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QUATERNARY AMMONIUM CHLORIDE VETERINARY DISINFECTANT Product Description Detergent and disinfectant for all live stocks farm and equipment of processing plants. Quaternary Ammonium Chloride (QAC) is characterized as a powerful antimicrobial agent effective against microorganisms especially odor causing bacteria. Ingredients Water, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Organic Solvents, Surfactants and Color [...]



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DIAZIDOX 60% VETERINARY PESTICIDE Product Description DIAZIDOX is an emulsifiable phosphoric insecticide for control of external parasites on animals. It can also be used to exterminate the cockroaches, ants and crawling insects that may exist in animal shelters or farms. DIAZIDOX is for external veterinary use only and is registered [...]

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WHITE PHENOL VETERINARY ALL PURPOSE DISINFECTANT Product Description Contains phenolic compound and tar acid with high quality blend of anionic surfactant and organic solvents Biologically approved by the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture Broad spectrum activity against viruses and bacteria Suitable for all kind of livestock poultry and animal farm [...]

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SIODINE VETERINARY IODINE BASED DISINFECTANT Product Description Wide spectrum general iodine-based disinfectant combining an efficient detergent with stabilized iodine for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection. Best for use on poultry and livestock’s equipment in hatcheries, dairy farms, processing plants, veterinary hospitals and for sterilizing drinking water. Kills bacteria, fungi and [...]

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SIDCO Methrin – 10 EC

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SIDCO Methrin – 10 EC VETERINARY PESTICIDE Product Description A general pyrethroid ectoparasiticide that acts on external parasites such as flies , ticks , mites , lices , fleas and mosquitoes. It works by quickly affecting the insect’s central nervous system. Ingredients Solvent , Cypermethrin and Emulsifier [...]

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SIDCO GUARD VETERINARY STERLITE VIRUCIDAL DISINFECTANT Product Description Broad spectrum activity against viruses and bacteria Suitable for all kind of livestock poultry and animal farm Biologically approved by the Saudi Ministry of Agriculture Ingredients Glutaraldehyde, Water, Quaternary Ammonium Compound, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Amphoteric Surfactant and Color [...]

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PROTEEX 12% SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE / BLEACH Product Description Proteex is a chlorine broad spectrum viricidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant with phenolic coefficient of 200. It can be used to disinfect and sanitize surfaces, water supply, water lines, desalination, waste water treatment and for veterinary applications. It can be used as an [...]

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FONIC (Black Phenol)

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FONIC (Black Phenol) VETERINARY DISINFECTANT Product Description An excellent general purpose disinfectant in emulsifiable concentrate. Broad spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria and fungi Contains high quality blend of creosote oil, phenolic compounds, emulsifying agent and organic solvent for high disinfectant effects Non-toxic, non-staining and non-irritant at working dilution [...]

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ACTIVE FARM VETERINARY DISINFECTANT Product Description ACTIVE FARM is a high quality blend of tar acid and a phenolic compound resulting in a highly disinfecting compound. It is highly effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi making it an excellent general purpose disinfectant. It is stable, non-toxic, non-staining and non-irritating [...]

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