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ABAYA SHAMPOO PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ABAYA SHAMPOO is a laundry detergent liquid containing special blend of surfactant to provide maximum cleaning result when used on abaya. Special brighteners enhance the black color of the clothes to make it look like new. It is safe and gentle on hands. INGREDIENTS [...]

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STYLE FABRIC SOFTENER Product Description A regular concentration fabric softener, soluble and miscible with water that delivers complete softening and static-free fabric at extremely economical dilutions. Contains cationic surfactant safe for polyester and cotton blended fabrics and makes ironing easier. Ingredients Water, Esterquat, Cellulose Polymer, Fragrance, [...]

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PROUD ABAYA SHAMPOO Product Description PROUD ABAYA SHAMPOO is a laundry detergent liquid containing special blend of surfactants giving maximum cleaning result when used on abaya and other delicate fabrics. Special brighteners enhance the black color of the clothes and make it looks like new. PROUD ABAYA SHAMPOO is safe and [...]

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NOLIN FABRIC SOFTENER Product Description Nolin Fabric Softener gives your fabrics a silky touch and fresh feeling which you can enjoy the whole day. It is especially formulated with active ingredients that help make your fabrics soft and fluffy, prevents static cling, reduce fabric wrinkles and makes [...]


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AL WATANI DETERGENT POWER Product Description Al Watani is a heavy duty detergent powder formulated to remove tough dirts and stains. it is highly effective in cleaning due to its high actives in combination with enzymes. Oxygen Bleach and Optical Brighteners whitens and brightens clothes without [...]

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GENTO POWDER DETERGENT Product Description Gento Powder Detergent is a premium quality powder detergent especially formulated to remove tough dirts and stains. It has an antibacterial property that kills germs in contact. It also contains material that brightens white clothes and special polymers that maintain the color [...]

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