About Sidco

The Saudi Industrial Detergent Company was founded in 1982 and since then has developed and manufactured high quality liquid & powder detergents and ancillary products in its purpose built factory in Dammam , Second industrial Park – KSA.

As early as 2006 the company achieved the prestigious ISO -9001 and its products are now sold throughout the KSA and in gulf countries & in more than 10 countries worldwide.

We have established our reputation upon the belief that consistency in quality is essential .We use only raw materials which pass stringent quality and performance tests and which are sourced from reputable and reliable suppliers . Every batch we manufacture is tested in our own Q.C laboratories to ensure that it meets specification before leaving the factory

SIDCO  products are formulated in our own research and development laboratories . Our area technical and sales managers , who are all experienced in detergent operations , recommend the most appropriate products from our extensive range to achieve the best and most cost effective results for our customers.


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How to clean your house ?

No doubt that, we need to clean the houseevery day to be clean and healthy for our health,especially if there are children in the house.

  • Cleaning should be from up to down so as not get the floor dirty with dust.

  • We can use wet small cloth to clean the walls.

  • The bathroom should be cleaned daily especially the sinks and the toilet, we need to use effective disinfectant to get rid of bacteria.

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How do you clean your clothes?

Cleaning of clothes is an important method makes our clothes clean and elegant .it also makes avoid and bacteria. Diseases.

  • It is important to read the collages to deal with the clothes in the clothes in the correct way according to the cloth type.

  • Some clothes needs “dry clean only “we need to send this type of Clothes to the laundry.

  • Be sure that all of the pockets of the clothes are empty. Before putting them in the washing machine

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