Here are some steps for healthy clean house.

  • Cleaning should be from up to down so as not get the floor dirty with dust.

  • We can use wet small cloth to clean the walls.

  • The bathroom should be cleaned daily especially the sinks and the toilet, we need to use effective disinfectant to get rid of bacteria.

  • For kitchen, It is important to clean the oven regularly .we should not leave leftover to avoid the accumulation of fats.

  • You should wash dishes after eating .don’t leave dishes for a long time thought washing them.

  • Clean the wooden board Dredge suit on the board and rub it with lemon.

  • You should wash the brash to avoid bad smells don’t leave it to be full. Don’t leave it for a long time in the kitchen you should throw it out of the house in the dustbins daily.

  • You should clean fans,plungers and cooling and heating devices. You should clean behind the devices in the kitchen. You should clean inside the dressers.

  • You should change the bedspread every five days. Expose the room for sun.

  • For furniture, clean it by using suitable detergent.

  • Clean mirrors and glass with a piece of cloth and phishes. You can also use newspapers.

  • Use clean towels and use effective disinfectants to clean shelves and closets.

Here are some tools that you can use it in cleaning such as.

  • The vacuum cleaner which help us to remove dust, and the leftover.

  • The sweeper which help us to remove dust, sand and the leftover.

  • The small towels for cleaning furniture or kitchens.

  • A toothbrush for cleaning the places that we can’t reach by using other cleaning tools.

  • A special sponge for cleaning the dishes.

  • The mobs.